Thai beats: talungramwong and kraoThai songs in various styles or beats

Concept: Changing the style of a Thai song according to various beats (talungramwong and krao)

Background: This lesson teaches about three styles or beats used in Thai songs (talungramwong and krao) and how songwriters can adapt the same melody to different beats. During the 1950s and 1960s many Thais enjoyed dancing in these styles, which were considered authentically Thai.

Talung: Created by Luan Kwantham, an eminent Southern Thai music teacher.

Ramwong: In the past (before WWII), “ramthon” was a popular folk dancing style. Ramthon was adapted into ramwong dancing during Phibunsongkhram's government during the Second World War.

Krao: Krao is the beat used in the Khon, or royal masked drama.

Listening: Students learn about each Thai beat and their use in luk thung songs.

Performance: Students can move or dance to the beats and try to adapt the beats from an example song to other songs.

Composition: Adapt the beats from one song to another.