Vessantara Jataka scroll (detail), 1959-60 Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore, 1997-02933
Ramwong ostinato
Singing and writing lukthung lyrics (in English)
Singing a lukthung duet in Thai
Acculturation in songs
Simple vocal arranging - ‘Phon pi mai'
Isan folk song ostinatos
Transposition - 'Khrai nor'
Thai beats: talung, ramwong and krao

Thai pop is pretty much like Western pop songs but with Thai lyrics (usually!). To the Western ear, most modern Thai pop sounds derivative, bland and saccharine but there are exceptions. This section will feature Thai pop songs that I think measure up to the best of Western pop.


Go to The Best of Thai Pop 1. Getsunova สิ่งที่ตามหา 'Sing thi tam ha'

The Thai 78 rpm Discographical Framework will be of great interest to fans of vintage Thai music and collectors of 78 rpm records. The intention is to create a discographical database of Thai 78 rpm records. The complete Framework will be published as a book but in the meantime I will post videos of Thai 78 rpm records with their discographical details:


Listed here are links to many examples of Isan music. If you want to see an example of mor lam phloen or hear what the phin or leaf blowing sounds like then this is the page for you – enjoy!

 1. วงกลองยาว Wong klorng yao (Long drum marching band)


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